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"So, the oldest brother, who was a combative man, asked for a wand more powerful than any in existence. A wand that must always win battles for its owner. A wand worthy of a wizard who had conquered Death. So, Death had crossed to an Elder Tree on the banks of the river, fashioned a wand from a branch that had hung there, and gave it to the oldest brother."

"Then the second brother, who was an arrogant man, decided that he wanted to humiliate Death still further, and asked for the power to recall others from Death. So, Death picked up a stone from the riverbank and gave it to the second brother, and told him that the stone would have the power to bring back the dead."

"Finally, Death turned to the third brother. A humble man, he asked for something that would enable him to go forth from that place without being followed by Death. And so it was that Death reluctantly handed over his own Cloak of Invisibility."

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The Potter Generation:
9. Favorite magical item - The golden snitch

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A Lesson in Self-Defense: Kitchenware by Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani

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i even procrastinate things i actually want to do

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THE MAGIC BEGINS ϟ Favourite villain

ϟ Bellatrix Lestrange (1951-1998)

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"god i hate this show" i whisper as i click play on the next episode at 3am on a school night while my homework is abandoned on the floor along with my dreams and ambitions

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Endless list of favourite books - Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness (x) (x)

suggested by anon

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bow ties were never cooler

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but has anybody asked how the fox feels

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